Project Code To-Do List

We need much more than this, but here are areas where developers can help. Please edit this page when items are finished. Another place for developers to start is with the issues list.

  • Documentation - see Red Documentation Project To-Do List

  • Finish the anti-spam bayesian engine

  • If DAV folders exist, add an option to the Settings page to set a default folder for attachment uploads.

  • Integrate the "open site" list with the register page

  • implement oembed provider interface

  • implement openid server interface

  • Write more webpage layouts

  • Write more webpage widgets

  • (Advanced) create a UI for building Comanche pages

  • templatise and translate the Web interface to webDAV

  • Extend WebDAV to provide desktop access to photo albums

  • External post connectors - create standard interface

  • External post connectors, add popular services

  • service classes - provide a pluggable subscription payment gateway for premium accounts

  • service classes - account overview page showing resources consumed by channel. With special consideration this page can also be accessed at a meta level by the site admin to drill down on problematic accounts/channels.

  • Events module - fix permissions on events, and provide JS translation support for the calendar overview; integrate with calDAV

  • Events module - event followups and RSVP

  • Uploads - integrate #^

  • App taxonomy

  • replace the tinymce visual editor and/or make the visual editor pluggable and responsive to different output formats. We probably want library/bbedit for bbcode. This needs a fair bit of work to catch up with our "enhanced bbcode", but start with images, links, bold and highlight and work from there.

  • Photos module - turn photos into normal conversations and fix tagging

  • Provide RSS feed support which look like channels (in matrix only - copyright issues)

  • Create mobile clients for the top platforms - which involves extending the API so that we can do stuff far beyond the current crop of Twitter/Statusnet clients. Ditto for mobile themes. We can probably use something like the Friendica Android app as a base to start from.

  • Implement owned and exchangeable "things".

  • Family Account creation - using service classes (an account holder can create a certain number of sub-accounts which are all tied to their subscription - if the subscription lapses they all go away).

  • Put mod_admin under Comanche

  • In many cases some of the work has already been started and code exists so that you needn't start from scratch. Please contact one of the developer channels like Channel One ( before embarking and we can tell you what we already have and provide some insights on how we envision these features fitting together.

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