Creating Web Pages

Red enables users to create static webpages.  To activate this feature, enable the web pages feature in your Additional Features section.

Once enabled, a new tab will appear on your channel page labelled "Webpages".  Clicking this link will take you to the webpage editor.  Here you can create a post using either BBCode or the rich text editor.

Pages will be accessible at mydomain/page/username/pagelinktitle

The "page link title" box allows a user to specify the "pagelinktitle" of this URL.  If no page link title is set, we will set one for you automatically, using the message ID of the item.  

Beneath the page creation box, a list of existing pages will appear with an "edit" link.  Clicking this will take you to an editor, similar to that of the post editor, where you can make changes to your webpages.

If you are the admin of a site, you can specify a channel whose webpages we will use at key points around the site.  Presently, the only place this is implemented is the home page.  If you specify the channel "admin" and then the channel called "admin" creates a webpage called "home", we will display it's content on your websites home page.  We expect this functionality to be extended to other areas in future.

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